About Us

The Minneapolis Theosophical Society was founded in 1887

The Minneapolis Theosophical Society is one of the original branches of the international Theosophical Society with headquarters in southern India. Our focus is on the deep well of esoteric material within the Theosophical teachings… ancient mysteries and ancient wisdom.

Our lodge was personally chartered by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (often referred to as HPB) and Col. Henry Steele Olcott in 1887 only 12 years after the Society’s founding. After a US splinter, the Minneapolis lodge remained true as one of five loyal lodges that remained part of the international society in Adyar India.

Our Minneapolis Charter document dated December 17, 1887 shows the handwritten signatures of HPB and Col. Henry Olcott.

The top line reads:
[Founded at New York,
17th November 1875]
The Theosophical Society

The Three Objects of the Theosophical Society

  • To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex caste or color.
  • To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy and science.
  • To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity.

The Three Tenets of the Theosophical Society

Wisdom of the Ages

Study is a key component of any gathering of Theosophists.

The term theosophy, derived from the Greek theos (“god”) and sophia (“wisdom”), is generally understood to mean “divine wisdom.”


Meditation is an important aspect of the spiritual practice.

Although the Theosophical approach refrains from promoting any particular system of meditation for all people to follow, a wealth of teachings about meditation can be found in the Theosophical literature.


Service to others is an outgrowth of progress on the spiritual path.

“The more we give, the fuller shall be our life. Let us not be deluded by the world of separateness, where everything grows less as we give it. The more we give, the more we have; each act of giving makes us a larger reservoir. ”

“The Meaning and Method of the Spiritual Life”, Annie Besant

“The whole order of nature evinces a progressive march towards a higher life.”

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky