Benefits of Membership

Be a Member of the Theosophical Society (with free Membership included for our Minneapolis Lodge)

Membership Benefits

Join or renew today to support our work and connect with like-minded people around the world.

We offer many opportunities to join communities of people who share similar core values, including:

  • Approximately 80 local study groups
  • Online interactive study groups covering an array of spiritual topics
  • Theosophical camps and lodges nationwide
  • Frequent conventions and workshops

Learn & Grow
A rich offering of books, articles, videos, and numerous public programs available online and at our National Center provides members the resources to expand their knowledge, including:

  • Borrowing privileges at the Henry S. Olcott library with more than 20,000 items that can be shipped across the country
  • Quest Magazine, a quarterly journal of Theosophically-oriented articles on philosophy,
    religion, science, and the arts.
  • 24 monthly study papers on Theosophical concepts
  • Our more advanced online self-study courses.
  • Discounts on our many programs, workshops, and classes at our National Center and online
  • Discounts online and in-store at our Quest Bookshops in California, Illinois, and New York
  • Monthly study papers on different yearly topics distributed through the National Lodge available for free the first year by email, after that for $10 per year
  • 25% discount at Quest Books, the Theosophical Publishing House

If you join, please email our lodge so we can welcome you personally at

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