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Our Fall Study Group

You are of Light You are Eternal You are within a Cycle And Beyond It You are made of Stardust

Conscious Dying

Facing the Future — Moving in the Light

Lucid dreaming, meditation and expanding our own views of living and moving through all transitions prepares us to move through death as simply another gateway. As an unchangeable, eternal being we have faced “this” all before (life and death, rebirth in endless cycles) and only the physical body is the temporary vehicle. With the evolution of consciousness from life to life, continuity of consciousness becomes possible. This is the mystery and the miracle and the unexplained nature of the soul.

Three Part Series:

In this three part series we explore these themes more deeply through teaching, discussion and beautiful images. We touch on ritual, sacred practices and how to be a steward of conscious dying while affirming beauty, comfort, love and life.

First Evening, October 6:

Speaker Von Braschler

Second Evening, October 13:

Speaker Roberta Gilsdorf

Third Evening, October 20:

Speaker Susan Shopek